The Dynamic Jaguar E-PACE SUV

Jaguar has always been known for their powerful luxury vehicles. Now the game has changed with their first ever compact SUV, available in three models such as the E-PACE, E-PACE S, and E-PACE SE. This SUV provides superior comfort, space, and off-road capabilities to sedan style body cars. With all-wheel drive ability, this car can stand any test thrown its way with balanced torque in both axles, maximizing traction in the process. Columbus, Ohio drivers must be sure to check out our dealership at Byers Imports Jaguar.

The handling ability doesn’t stop with superior traction, the E-PACE offers Active Driveline for optimized agility, and All Surface Progress Control which grips weather and poor road conditions like never before. This car was built to thrive and conquer roads, just like the Jaguar Brand.

Jaguar provides an Ingenium gas engine in its E-PACE model with Continuous Inlet Variable Vale Lift systems to boost performance, and efficiently reduce carbon emissions, saving you money at the pump.

The Jaguar E-PACE isn't done yet, this luxury car provides Adaptive and Configurable Dynamics to enhance your cars performance, while also boasting a 9-speed Automatic Transmission and JaguarDrive Control to create an unmatched, personalized driving experience that only can come in a luxury sports car model.


Even with all these luxury features, the SUV style of the E-PACE allows for increased space, improving the practicality of the car in the process. The cargo capacity can fit up to 52.7 cubic feet, as well as five spacious seats leaving no one behind wherever you may go in the Columbus area.

Jaguar has timeless style and capability in their luxury cars, and the E-PACE leave nothing behind. The E-PACE changes the narrative as this SUV brings a new flavor of luxury SUV's, equally practical as performance driven. If you would like to learn more please visit our E-PACE inventory page. Or if you have any questions, them please call our sales team at 1-877-820-6925, or visit us at our dealership where we would love to set you up with a Jaguar E-PACE.

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